Life Resolutions-Creating Boundaries when Working from Home

2020-09-14T16:21:10+00:00September 14th, 2020|

Working from home with Mary Magalotti The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many challenges to the way people around Australia and across the globe live, work and study. Although these changes are necessary, they can still pose new challenges and even impact our mental health. Working from home poses its own set of advantages and [...]

Mary Magalotti -Coping with the Stress of Parenthood during a Pandemic

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In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, your family is likely to be spending lots of time in close quarters. Although this can be a chance to enjoy one another’s company, it’s normal to feel increasingly stressed. Tips on Coping with the Stress of Parenthood Here at Life Resolutions, we know even the most enthusiastic [...]

When To Seek Help With Your Mental Health – Life Resolutions Psychology

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This year has been one of outrageous pressure, dread and changes, with numerous individuals losing work, losing friends and family, losing connections just as a heap of different battles. Consequently, it is nothing unexpected that numerous Australians are seeing an effect on their emotional wellness. In any case, it is hard to tell when you [...]

Life Resolutions-Love In Lockdown – Getting Your Relationship Through COVID-19

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Coronavirus has negatively affected numerous connections around Australia, particularly in regions confronting expanded lockdown limitations. With endless individuals compelled to invest undeniably more energy with their better half than expected because of lockdown limitations, it is nothing unexpected that numerous couples are splitting under the additional weight. On head of this, numerous individuals are additionally [...]

Managing COVID-19 in the Psychology Industry

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Telehealth Services- Life Resolutions Telehealth is defined as the “use of telecommunication techniques for the purpose of providing telemedicine, medical education, and health education over a distance”. Telehealth allows our clients to receive the support they need from the safety of their own home, which is integral during these unprecedented times of social isolation amid [...]

Relationship Counselling- COVID-19 lockdown

2020-08-18T05:32:29+00:00August 18th, 2020|

COVID-19 has taken a serious toll on many relationships around Australia, especially in areas facing increased lockdown restrictions. With so many people forced to spend far more time with their significant other than usual due to lockdown restrictions, it is no surprise that many couples are cracking under the added pressure. On top of this, [...]

The Stigma Of Seeing A Psychologist

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Even though we have seen some significant improvement in recent years in breaking the stigma around mental health, the stereotype is still not unusual and is keeping people from seeking the help they need. One common sentiment concerning mental healthcare is that people are supportive of others seeking and receiving psychological services; however, they do [...]

Our team at Life Resolutions: Jodie & Mary

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At Life Resolutions Clinic Life Resolutions is a well-recognised Australian psychology clinic providing exceptional psychological services and working to improve the accessibility of mental healthcare here in Australia. The team commits to offering excellent mental health care to our patients to help them get back onto the path to mental wellbeing. Get To Know Mary Magalotti [...]

Social Connection During Lockdown

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Metal health issues have been more critical from the ongoing impact of COVID-19. People face job losses, the losses of loved ones, fear and anxiety about catching the virus. People need to support one another more than ever to ensure to go through this together. However, with social distancing restraints and people facing social distancing [...]