Approximately 46% of Australians over the age of 16 have experienced a mental illness in their lifetime. The most common mental illness reported in Australia is anxiety. Those with anxiety tend to experience a racing mind or rapid thoughts. If you have experienced rapids thoughts that have caused you concern, reach out to a mental health professional. Life Resolutions’ Director, Jodie Brenton and Principal Psychologist Mary Magalotti, alongside the Life Resolutions Psychologists, work daily to help those experiencing anxiety.

Anxiety counselling helps clients to slow down their thoughts and feel in control of their minds. Here are some tips from our experienced psychologist to help you slow down your racing mind.

Tools for slowing down a racing mind

  • Intentional breathing
  • Slowing down and focusing on your breathing can you calm down the mind. This helps you be present and interrupt the bodies anxiety response.
  • Thinking about your thoughts
  • The technique of asking yourself why your mind is racing and the reasons behind your thoughts can help refocus your attention and give less power to your worries. Remember, that thoughts aren’t always fact.
  • Voicing your feelings
  • Reaching out to a professional or a trusted friend or family member can help calm an overthinking mind. If you don’t feel comfortable talking, writing down your feelings can be a great first step

In Australia, approximately 2 million people are living with anxiety. Life Resolutions provides anxiety counselling with experienced psychologists. Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti continue the pursuit of providing better mental care to those suffering from anxiety.

To find out more about our mental health services visit our website, where you can also learn more about our anxiety counselling. You can also book an appointment with our mental health professionals online or over the phone.